Introduce my self


My name is rio fiqh zichado, can be called rio or zichado but my friends more often call me rio, meaning of my name is a little unique, I only remember the meaning of zichado because I have asked for a long time so I forget the meaning of my other name haha, my father said the meaning of zichado is, when I was born there were so many people who gave gifts (kado) to my father and mother, that was the origin of the name zichado

I was born in Jakarta on June 11, 1997, I was the second child of two siblings, my brother’s name is Yoga, we different two years, my father named Pai he was a private employee, my mother named Teny she was a housewife.

I have black hair and brown skin, tall 173 cm and weigh 80 kg, I always use glasses because my eyes are nearsighted, my friends know me as a quiet person because I am more interested to listening

I graduated from primary school cipayung 02 , junior high school 160 jakara, senior high school 93 jakarta and now I’m studying at Gunadarma University, I majored in information systems

My goal is to make my parents and other people happy, I want to be someone who is beneficial to many people.

Rio Fiqh Zichado


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